Training Program

I will teach you how to train your dog as well as how to maintain the results. I always use methods which are best suited to each individual dog’s temperament. Your entire family can participate in this learning experience. We can address how to improve house manners and correct behavior problems, with or without obedience, as long as that is not a relative factor in the situation.

Companion Dog Program

Any and all behavior problems are covered in my well-rounded Companion Dog Program. These obedience exercises are also included:

  • LET’S GO – loose lead walking using a standard 6 foot lead and a longer retractable lead (if it can be used safely in your neighborhood)
  • HEEL – your dog walking at your side, adapting to your preferred pace and sitting when you come to a halt. This command is ideal for crossing the street or dealing with sidewalk traffic. Commonly used by my students who like to jog with their dog.
  • SIT STAY, DOWN STAY, STAND for EXAM (if desired), COME and SIT or DOWN.
  • WAIT – this popular exercise involves Boundary Training. Here are some examples you can choose from:
    • Teach your dog a waiting place close at hand to the front door
    • Meet & Greet people without rushing, jumping or barking
    • WAIT at an open gate or in the confines of a vehicle with open door
    • WAIT in the kitchen while you entertain in the dining room, etc.

We all know every dog is different and each owner has different objectives for their Best Friend. Although my Companion Dog Program is structured, I still allow for each dog to progress at its own pace for these reasons. If your dog already has a foundation for some obedience commands he/she should be ready to work at a more advanced level for instance.

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Additional Training Opportunities

Does your dog like to fetch? Retrieving is lots of fun, great exercise and can serve as a wonderful reward during obedience training. But it is important that your dog will relinquish the toy readily for this game to continue so if that is an issue, I will show an easy method that will teach him/her to release the toy on command. TAKE IT, FETCH, GIVE, DROP IT and OUT are the most popular choices, but you can choose whatever you like.

Maybe your dog will fetch once or twice, but then loses interest. If this is the case, I can show you some techniques designed to increase his/her enthusiasm for this terrific activity.

In addition, I offer counseling on shaping the necessary social skills which will lead to an adult dog with relative confidence, social enjoyment, polite tolerance, responsive and respective obedience.

Special Tactics for Puppies

ATTENTION PUPPY OWNERS! The following exercises are also included for puppies: introduction to brushing, cleaning ears and trimming nails.

Teaching your puppy to share items in his/her mouth such as food/food bowl, toys, biscuits and chew bones. This is especially beneficial for households with children as it helps to prevent your puppy from developing “resource guarding” which can be dangerous.

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