Schedule & Fees

Shadow Hill’s Companion Dog Program includes 6 lessons – 1 hour each – scheduled weekly.

With regards to housebreaking and other behavior problems these can often be handled in 1-3 lessons (also 1 hour each) depending on the severity of the issue.

I normally provide lessons on a weekly basis. However, for your convenience, I will give you an extra week between lessons if your puppy needs to be altered, if you are going to be out of town, or if you become ill and are unable to complete your “homework” in a timely fashion.

If you do need to reschedule a lesson, this must be done at least 72 hours in advance with the exception of a sudden injury or illness of your dog. In this case, please contact me with your vet’s report pertaining to the length of time your dog might be contagious or time recommended to heal from an injury before resuming.

Otherwise, a missed lesson will count as it was originally scheduled.


Lessons are $100 each. Checks or cash are accepted.

Lessons for housebreaking and other behavior problems may be paid for at each lesson.

Shadow Hill’s Companion Dog Program (6 lessons) may be paid in full on the first lesson or you may choose to pay bi-weekly.

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Shadow Hill: 717-251-0540 (phone calls only) or 304-460-8109 (texts only)