Awards & More

My dogs & I have earned awards galore throughout the years. We have also won official Titles in various levels of Obedience, Conformation, Herding, Tracking, and Golden Retriever Field Tests. Some of my dogs have completed sanctioned Temperament Testing, two served with me as registered Therapy Dogs, three were certified CASSA Drill Team performers including the Lead Partners.

We participated in events hosted by the American Kennel Club, American Herding Breed Association, American Rare Breed Association, Golden Retriever Club of America, Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club, Capital Area Shiloh Shepherd Association and Pet Partners.

Here is a list of our formal accomplishments:

  • Champion Pointed – Night King of the North (Alaskan Malamute) Companion Dog
  • Champion Pointed – Snowy Jack Daniels (Samoyed) Companion Dog
  • Alexander’s Spirit of Seneca (Golden Retriever) Companion Dog, Working Certificate, Therapy Dog
  • Golden Pine’s Windswept Amber (Golden Retriever) Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent, Utility Dog, Working Certificate, Working Certificate Excellent, Therapy Dog, Tracking Dog
  • Champion, 2 Herding Group Wins – Shadow Hill’s Shilo O’Freestate (Shiloh Shepherd) Companion Dog, Herding Instinct Certified, Temperament Tested, CASSA Drill Team – Lead Partners
  • Champion National Select #5 2003, 2 Herding Group Wins, 2 Best In Show – Shadow Hill’s Destiny by Zion (Shiloh Shepherd) Companion Dog, Temperament Tested, CASSA Drill Team, Herding Instinct Certified, Herding Capability Tested, Junior Herding Dog, Herding Trial Arena Dog 1st Leg (My Destiny remains the only conformation Champion in the Shiloh Shepherd breed to qualify at AHBA Trial level. Sadly, her career was cut short, I lost her at age six from cancer.)
  • Destiny’s Angelfire of Shadow Hill (Shiloh Shepherd) Herding Instinct Tested, Herding Capability Tested, Junior Herding Dog, Herding Trial Dog 1st Leg
  • Champion Pointed – Zion’s Spirit of the Skywolf (Shiloh Shepherd – Rescue Dog) Temperament Tested, CASSA Drill Team, Herding Instinct Tested, Herding Capability Tested, Junior Herding Dog (My Wolf was the 2nd Shiloh Shepherd to earn his JHD during the temporary AHBA recognition period. Therefore, he is considered one of the FAB FIVE as required by the AHBA for permanent recognition. We earned this special Award from the ISSDC as a result.)

“The International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club proudly honors Audrey Harrison and Ch Ptd Zion’s Spirit of the Skywolf JHD for their outstanding contribution toward recognition for the Shiloh Shepherd breed from the American Herding Breed Association”

Honorable Mentions

I also would like to make a few Honorable Mentions, starting with my four beloved Beagles. Tiny was our first, we rescued her from a dog house & chain. Minnie, Spinner and Spanky followed. They taught me volumes about living with hounds. Their clownish characteristics always brought me lots of laughter. The book The Intelligence of Dogs will tell you that Beagles are ranked #72. But I will tell you, a dog is what you make of it. My Beagles were wonderful ambassadors for the breed and they served many years as my trusted Demonstration Dogs during lessons.

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