About the Trainer

I founded Shadow Hill Dog Training in 1981. I have specialized in personalized in home training programs for 35 years. I also offered dog sitting in my home to my graduates for a decade. It was a delight, sort of like having my grandchildren come to visit. Altogether, I have been training professionally since 1976 so I have worked with thousands of dogs.

I remember one student of mine who had two huge Rotties that were aggressive towards people who entered their home. At the end of the first lesson he turned to me in all seriousness and said, “I don’t know what you are wearing, but you better bottle it.”

I provide FREE phone consultations for the lifetime of your dog. The most frequent phone call I get from previous clients is to tell me they have a new puppy and want to enroll in training again. After all these years in business, I am currently getting into the fourth generation.

There are lots of good trainers out there, but not everyone is a good instructor. Personally, I have studied under my share while competing with my own dogs and riding horses cross country style, jumping, etc. I am quick to move on to another instructor if I am not satisfied.

A good instructor is paramount, I am proud to say this is my strongest quality. You want someone you can communicate with and who relates to you well. I am an expert at breaking down exercises so they are easy to learn. I also explain why each element works the way it does and its purpose. This is important for you to understand, it will help you maintain your training for years to come.